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Today's golfers realise the importance of golf fitness conditioning and the impact it has upon their game. In the past golfers purely focused on technique alone and the technical aspects involved in the golf swing, with no regard for the physical conditioning requirements needed for the game. However greater understanding has been gained through Golf Fitness Specialists about the significance of golf fitness programmes on improving golf performance and  injury prevention. Golf fitness training has become far more recognised and is now considered as vital an aspect of a training regime for the golfer as the technical side of the game.

Paul Parker Personal Training have qualifications as Golf Fitness Specialists and cater for all levels from amateurs to golfing professionals who are serious about taking the next step and improving their golfing performance.  

Golf requires a high level of skill including eye-hand coordination, flexibility, muscular power, timing, strength and endurance. Studies show that during an 18-hole round of golf, the average male golfer will expend approximately 620 kcals of energy. 
Within a practice session Golfers who practice often can take as many as 300 swings per practice which means that Golfers are repeatedly exposing their bodies to high levels of forces and loads whilst constantly moving through a large range of motion.


Professional golf players - Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and Rort McIlroy

Todays top golfers all use Golf fitness specialists as a matter of course throughout the year at peak and off peak times of the season for maintenance, conditioning and physical development.Several research studies have shown the effectiveness of hiring a golf fitness specialist for improving various performance measures, including torso flexibility, muscular force, balance, club head speed and driving distance. Advanced Golfers possess superior strength, joint range of motion and balance capabilities which have been developed over time. Through a specific customised golf fitness programme stretching and strength exercises, rotational power and velocity work and functional strength and endurance work produce improved peak performance levels.

Studies show that half of all golfers will incur a lower back injury at some point in their playing careeres. The golf swing particulalry places a large amount of strain on the back, shoulders and wrists. Repetative strain injury and other related injuries are very common among golfers and the majority of injuries are due to overuse for the professional player and overuse and poor mechanics for the amateur player. It is vital that the muscles around these areas of the body are kept toned and supple. Having good posture and a toned core will also restrict injuries to these areas of the body as will good flexibility.

By contacting us about this package you will be booked in have a Golf-specific assesment by a Golf fitness specialist. Following this initial assesment, details about the Golf fitness program can then be discussed and if you decide to go ahead with the program, a customised program can be designed for you based on your time frame and the areas of focus highlighted in your assesment.

A Golf fitness program will include factors such as:

Postural correction and reconditioning

Core and balance training

Resistance and Cardiorespiratory training

Strength and stabalisation training

Power and velocity training  

Flexibility development training

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