Personal Trainer In Tunbridge Wells

Personal Trainer In Tunbridge Wells

Golf Fitness Training in Tunbridge Wells

Today's top golfers realise how important golf fitness conditioning is and the impact it has upon their game. In the past golfers purely focused on the technical aspects involved in the golf swing with no regard for the physical fitness aspects of the game. Today however the physical fitness of the worlds top golfers has changed enormously from the past in order to gain extra advantages in performance and injury prevention.

Paul Parker's Golf Fitness Training in Tunbridge Wells in Kent but Paul covers most of Kent, London & South East area.

Today top golfers employ a golf fitness trainer that solely focuses upon an intensive general fitness programme for different stages of the season.  This includes finite details of golf fitness training physical conditioning for every aspect of the golfers physique so that effective performances can be maintained throughout the year on the golf course.

Professional golf players - Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and Rort McIlroy

Our customised golf fitness training in Tunbridge Wells takes into consideration each aspect of a golfers physique, the areas of weakness needing work and the progression of the body required to provide the optimal physique required for effective golf execution.

The Golf swing particulalry places a large amount of strain on the neck, shoulders, wrist, elbows and lower back. Repetative strain injury and other related injuries are very common among golfers and it is vital that the muscles around these areas of the body are kept toned and supple. Having good posture and a toned core will also restrict injuries to these areas of the body as will good flexibility. 

Stance and posture are effected by the lower body muscles of the hips, hamstrings and quads as well as and the core which is crucial for good posture. For more details about our golf training in Tubridge Wells programme and to book a complimentary consultation contact us below. 


Skiing Fitness in Tunbridge Wells

Ski Package

Are you going on a skiing or snowboarding holiday soon and need to improve your skiiing fitness in Tunbridge Wells ? Having the best ski-ing fitness and snowboarding fitness in Tunbridge Wells available will enable you to get the most out of your skiing or snowboarding holiday.

Skiing and snowboarding are very high intensity activities requiring high levels of quad and calf fitness.  Specialist skiing fitness and snowboarding fitness is essential.  It is likely that you will be spending most of the day out on the slopes and if you’re not used to this the level of intensity of exercise on a daily basis, you will experience a great deal of stiffness and soreness in your muscles for a few days after being on the slopes.

Plyometric training, quad and calf strengthening, core stability and balance training are just some of the aspects included in this specialist skiing training package / snowboarding fitness package enabling you to get the maximum out of your holiday.

The Skiing fit training package enables you to be totally prepared for your holiday enabling you to enjoy your holiday to the maximum by being in peak physical condition for the slopes.