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Benefits of exercise & an active lifestyle

Written on 04th Jan 2013

Paul Parker

Benefits of exercise & an active lifestyle are huge.

When we are young we have a natural fitness that enables us to do pretty much most things with ease. However today with computer games and many other reasons for children to be inactive, even this statement is being put under threat with childhood obesity prevalent.

 As we grow older our bodies naturally start to deteriorate physically each year and unless we keep active and regularly exercise our bodies, this deterioration process gets faster and faster the older we get.

Exercise in its simplest form is overloading the body with a little more than it can cope with so that the body has to make adjustments and physical progression occurs. Maintaining your physical fitness is fine with activities that are gentle such as going for a walk, but in order to slow down the effects of physical deterioration most of us need to be exercising regularly to the point where our breathing starts to get faster and we get breathless and start to perspire. These effects are a good indication that the body has to work a little harder than usual meaning that physical adjustment and progression is being made. This causes our body to develop and improve our physical fitness.

We lose one pound of muscle naturally each year and we put on one pound of fat naturally without doing or eating anything. If we include regular exercise within our routines we can slow down this process and even reverse these effects enabling us to be more able for longer into our old age.    

Feeling full of energy rather than tired and fatigued is such a great feeling that I cannot explain, but I desire for everyone to have that feeling at whatever age or stage of life. We all can reach a level of fitness that is right for us and which enables us to be more active than we imagined we could.

Exercising regularly increases your endurance meaning that you can do everyday activities for longer like working, shopping, and doing chores as well as doing the activities you enjoy like playing with your children or grandchildren, enjoying leisure pursuits and sex!  Regular exercise increases the size of your heart muscle enabling the heart which is a giant pump to be more effective at pumping oxygen around your body. This means that the heart uses less beats per minute to pump blood around your body causing it to last for longer and be more effective at its job.

Exercise reduces the risk of experiencing back and neck pain as a good posture and a strong core helps to limit the effects of the stresses and strains that our bodies are put though each day. A healthy and active lifestyle can reduce mental stress and anxiety and aid better sleep patterns too.

Exercise and healthy eating can also reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of the biggest killer in the western world, heart disease. Weight bearing exercise can also strengthen bones and joints guarding against osteoporosis particularly prevalent in women in later life. The endorphins released from exercise produce a feel good factor that can ward off depression and in GP surgeries today exercise is now being prescribed to patients for their general health and well- being.

The larger your muscle mass means the more calories that you can burn whist at rest and losing weight can also lessen the strain on your joints. Exercise doesn’t have to be carried out all in one go but studies show it is just as effective if you carry out three ten minute periods of exercise as it does to do one 30 minute session of exercise. Therefore whether you are at your office or at home you can still workout for as long as you are able. So if you needed any motivation to exercise and live a healthy and active lifestyle here it is!!

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