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Remember how fun it was to run?

Written on 04th Jan 2013

When we were young we naturally chose to run whether it was  playing in the park, at the youth club or during the break in the school playground. Then at some stage in many people’s lives they stop running……. Maybe because they don’t think it’s a grown up thing to do or perhaps because other things take over in their life.

To be in a physically good condition to be able to run is such a gift and something we should not let go of so easily. Running is not only great fun, just ask children! But it also gives us a sense of elation and a feeling of abandonment and freedom that can only be shared with others that run.

To be able to travel somewhere of your own accord without relying on anything else to get you there or having to use an oxygen tent at the end of the run is exhilarating! Seeing the sights as you run is a wonderful feeling and it feels like we were born to run just like we were born to stand on two legs. We have become so reliant on the motorcar today, what would you do if you didn’t have a car to get around in?

The great thing about running is that it is for everyone from the absolute beginner to the seasoned runner. Running is not very expensive as there is very little equipment required to do it and everyone can enjoy it. You can start running at your own unique pace and you may even have your own unique running style but it doesn’t take very long for anyone to see an improvement in their cardiovascular fitness.

If you have never run before or had a long break from running, the best thing to do is to start by setting small challenges for yourself. Reach the lamp post and run back, reach the next lamp post next time you run, or run for 2 minutes without stopping and then walk for 2 minutes and build up the time you and running for. You will soon see progress if you keep running regulalry. 

The key to running is to not start off too fast otherwise you will end up working your anaerobic system which is the energy system we use for sprinting rather than jogging. This will cause you to stop very soon as we can only run at this intensity for a short period of time. A nice easy steady pace is the key to sustaining running over a long distance. 

Getting a natural breathing pattern is also very important and a good arm swinging motion as you will then maximise your energy consumption and enable the by-products to be released from your body more efficiently.Try to set good habits by running heel to toe, rolling your foot from back to front as you run. This will limit running injuries caused by putting strain on your knees and shins through incorrect running patterns. When we run, three times our body weight comes down on our lower body and so it is crucial to get the right pair of trainers that will provide you with the cushioning that you need.

Eat something light if you want to eat before running like scrambled egg on toast or soup and make sure you are well hydrated before you go out. If running in the dark remember to wear high visability clothing so that you are safe and can be seen by traffic. Build up your distance as you continue to run and maintain an even pace throughout until you develop your fitness and are able to increase your speed and do interval training. You've got the trainers? You've got the desire? off you go!

You can always look at our running training package which provides you with an aim to complete a road race which is a great motivation for training towards achieving a goal. Our running training package includes booking you in for a road race event and help you with all of your training you need leading up to  the event. You can access it here

Next time you see a child running remember you can do that too and it can be just as much fun for you!   

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