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Losing belly fat - why its important to get rid of it!

Written on 21st Jan 2013


Belly fat around the waistline and abdomen is one of the most common areas that we tend to store fat and often the most difficult to shift. For men the ‘beer belly’ is very commonplace but it’s not just beer that causes this waistline! For women equally storing fat around the abdomen, hips and buttocks is very common.

Fat storage around the waistline is one of the most dangerous areas for the body to store fat as it is located near the vital organs and can restrict their function and blood flow. Excess fat round the waistline can increase blood pressure and is also linked to high cholesterol and coronary heart disease risks. The middle age spread is often a term alluded to and accepted yet the more extra fat we carry around our middle the more likely this is to disrupt our organ function. Fat is not simply extra storage waiting to be used for energy but fat cells or glands produce hormones and other substances that can have a negative effect upon our vital organs.            

 There are two main kinds of fat storage around the abdomen area; the first is visceral fat and the second subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the kind that we can grasp with our hands often around our waistline and on the surface. Visceral fat is even more dangerous as it lies deep within the abdominal cavity amongst the internal organs.

It is in our interest to have a waistline that is lean and free from fat stores as this enables our vital organs and bodily systems to operate without restriction. The waist –to- hip ratio is a good way of measuring whether you have excess fat have around your abdomen. To find your waist- to-hip ratio, divide your waist measurement at its narrowest point by your hip measurement at its widest point. For men the score should be 0.90 or lower for low risk and for women 0.80-0.85 or lower for low risk.

Removing belly fat is not just simply about doing loads of sit ups as the fat storage around your waist is linked to the amount of calories you eat compared with the amount of calories you burn. If you eat more calories than you burn your body will naturally store these calories for later use and this will remain usually on your waistline. Unfortunately the fat around our waist line is usually the place where fat is stored first and the last place where it is lost from.

We can’t choose where we lose fat from but having a good healthy diet eating the right amount of calories for you and exercising daily will produce an over all lower body fat percentage. This in turn will aid weight loss and produce a thinner waistline in time, and toning of this area through core exercises will also help this process. Your diet and what you eat is a crucial part of producing a lean waistline and this is a huge subject specific to your needs which can’t be tackled in this blog.  If you would like more information on how we can help you please visit our online diet analysis and exercise videos available here      



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