Health & Wellness Package

Health and wellness

The health and wellness package is designed to provide your body with a health and wellness review. Every year your car receives an MOT check to ensure that it is roadworthy and in good working order. Your body is far more valuable to you than your car and is worth the cost of a Personal Trainer in Maidstone providing you with a detailed bespoke health and wellness programme.

A health screening involves blood pressure readings, body fat percetages, height and weight ratio, BMI readings and much more. A personal trainer in Maidstone can visit you and provide bespoke diet and exercise analysis and review of your work/life balance. Often in life you are the person that gets most neglected as we look after everyone else first, but this package puts you firmly at the centre providing you with all the attention to detail that you deserve.

From your health screening a unique exercise and wellness plan can be created for you ensuring that you give yourself the time that you deserve in the midst of a busy lifestyle. 

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