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Are you a busy working professional putting in the hours with little or no time to focus on your health?

If the answer is yes then the Corporate Wellness Package is for you! By sigining up to this package you as an individual or your workforce as a group can have a bespoke programme planned and overseen by a personal trainer. With the Corporate Wellness Package your busy working life doesn't have to cause your health to suffer! Contact us for more information or to receive an initial consultation for yourself or your organisation. 

The Coporate Wellness Package has been designed to put your needs and the needs of your workforce at the centre. Focusing around work commitments and times that are convenient is the begining point. Did you know that all successful people have a personal trainer? This is because successful people know they can't achieve their goals on their own. They require a specialist team of people around them to help them cultivate the attributes crucial for success! Whether it is in sports performance or business that you work in, the principles are the same. Without developing the right environment and lifestyle required, you will not achieve success! Signing up to the Corporate Wellness Package will begin laying the foundations for you to lead a healthy lifestyle, possessing energy, staying alert and performing at your optimum level!

The Corporate Wellness Package begins with a wellness review for you and your workforce. This review will take into consideration working hours, eating patterns, exercise history and current lifestyle habbits. From this information,  a plan of action will be drawn up to transform your work-life balance placing health and wellness requirements as a priority. From this solid foundation, you can live, work and achieve success to your maximum potential! 

The Corporate Wellness Package includes options for group workforce analysis and combined exercise programmes to individual programmes. Contact us for more information and to arrange a complimentray consultation.


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