Core Strength & Postural Assessment

Core strength and postural correction

A strong core and good posture are not considered by many to be an important aspect of health and fitness, yet virtually every activity that we carry out in our daily lives involves our core muscles. A personal trainer in Maidstone will visit you as part of this package to analyse your posture and review your lifestyle habits. A Personal Trainer will then plan an intensive six week progamme focusing on core strength specific to your requirements and carried out at times convenient to you. The lower back,neck and shoulders are the areas most common for experiencing discomfort and pain.

From the way we walk and our posture when we sit, to the mattress that we lay on and the muscle tone that we posses, all of these factors have an enormous impact upon our posture. This package will assess these aspects of your lifestyle, suggest adjustments and provide a core strengthening programme to prevent frequent back, neck and shoulder aches and pains whilst improving your posture.

As well as day to day living a good posture and strong core are vital for athletes and those that participate in sports. The core, pelvis and back are the areas where the body gains balance, strength and power from. This is vital for all individual and team sports that use moves involving running, jumping, hitting, throwing and rotational action. 

Signing up to this package will include:

A health and fitness screening including blood pressure readings, body fat percentage measurements, resting heart rate recording, height and weight ratio.

Postural assessment checking your neutral spine and posture for standing, walking, seated, laying down and carrying positions.

Lifestyle analysis involves  a review of your day to day activities and environment including furniture assessment of chairs used at home and work, the mattress you sleep on and the computer and television screens you look at.

Intensive core training programme designed to work each internal and external muscle group covering the entire core three to four times a week over six weeks to improve your posture, strenthen your core and relieve back, neck and shoulder pain.



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