With the team of fitness and health care professionals at Paul Parker Personal Training, we can provide you with the best knowledge and expertise available to help motivate, inspire and advise you in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Please meet our team:

Paul Parker

Paul Parker (Director)

Paul has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience to draw from. He is passionate about empowering people from all walks of life, from exercise beginners to sports athletes. Equipping each individual to live a healthy lifestyle, fulling their potential and being the very best that they can be.

Paul has studied extensively within the health and fitness sector over many years obtaining academic and practical qualifications which include a Diploma in Leisure Studies, a Degree in Sport and Health Science, REPS level two and three qualifications and specialist fitness certification.

From this background Paul has founded the company Paul Parker Personal training and recruited an expert team of personal trainers and health care professionals who are passionate about providing a service of the highest quality to clients. The brand aims to provide a wide variety of services that enable clients of all backgrounds to fulfil their goals and ambitions and to turn their dreams into reality. Paul Parker Personal Training seeks to push the boundaries of thinking and practice in the health and fitness industry to enable every client to achieve their full potential.


Lisa Smith (Nutritionist)

Lisa has worked alongside Paul Parker Personal Training for some time playing an active role in helping to establish the nutritional values and content required for healthy living and also writing regular blogs on this. Lisa runs a private practice and actively works alongside individuals and companies to help improve their health and lifestyle patterns maximising performance of individuals and corporate businesses.

DR Jardine

Dr Jardine (GP)

Dr Jardine is a full time General Practitioner and is passionate about medicine and medical knowledge related to helping people live healthy and active lives.

Working alongside Paul Parker Personal Training Dr Jardine writes health and wellness blogs which offers advice and expertise for the benefit of clients of Paul Parker Personal Training. 


Chloe Hobbs (Physiotherapist)

Chloe facilitates the team of physiotherapists and massage specialists for clients of Paul Parker Personal Training. Whether you require physiotherapy for an injury or a massage after a training session, our team of therapists will be able to visit you at your home or workplace providing you with everything you need.


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