Bespoke Training Packages

  • Core Strength & Postural Assessment

    Core Strength & Postural Assessment

    A strong core and good posture are not considered by many to be an important aspect of health and fitness, yet virtually every activity that we carry out in our daily lives involves our core muscles. A personal trainer in Maidstone will visit you as part of this package to analyse your posture and review your lifestyle habits. A Personal Trainer will then plan an intensive six week progamme focusing on core strength specific to your requirements and carried out at times convenient to you. The lower back,neck and shoulders...

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  • Corporate Wellness Package

    Corporate Wellness Package

    Are you a busy working professional putting in the hours with little or no time to focus on your health? If the answer is yes then the Corporate Wellness Package is for you! By sigining up to this package you as an individual or your workforce as a group can have a bespoke programme planned and overseen by a personal trainer. With the Corporate Wellness Package your busy working life doesn't have to cause your health to suffer! Contact us for more information or to receive an initial consultation for yourself or your organisation.  The...

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  • The Body Transformation Package

    The Body Transformation Package

    The body transformation package is designed to detox your body, torch fat and provide a foundation for a long term healthy and sustainable lifestyle. There are many fad diets around telling you how you can lose weight instantly, but having a Personal Trainer in Maidstone monitoring your lifesyle enables you to learn good long term habits ensuring it's not just another passing fad or phase. Healthy eating and exercise are just two of the essential ingredients required to see weight loss, through the guidance of a...

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  • Health & Wellness Package

    Health & Wellness Package

    The health and wellness package is designed to provide your body with a health and wellness review. Every year your car receives an MOT check to ensure that it is roadworthy and in good working order. Your body is far more valuable to you than your car and is worth the cost of a Personal Trainer in Maidstone providing you with a detailed bespoke health and wellness programme. A health screening involves blood pressure readings, body fat percetages, height and weight ratio, BMI readings and much more. A personal trainer in Maidstone can visit...

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  • Running Package

    Running Package

    Is it your aim to enter a popular running or athletic event just for the fun of it, for charity or as a new challenge? Have you always liked idea of running but not found anyone to run with? Whether you are a complete beginner or would like to get back into running, the running training package provides you with all the help and expert advice that you need to achieve your aim.  A personal trainer will be on hand to help and assist you every step of the way with a personalised training programme designed just for...

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  • Ski Fit & Snowboarding Fitness Package

    Ski Fit & Snowboarding Fitness Package

    Are you going on a skiing or snowboarding holiday? Being in the best physical condition and preparing well for your activity break will enable you to get the maximum out of your time away. Skiing and snowboarding are high intensity activities requiring good levels of quad and core strength. If you are spending most of the day out on the slopes and are not used to this intensity of exercise it is likely you will experience a great deal of stiffness for the following days. Hiring a Personal Trainer in Maidstone will enable you...

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  • Sports Specific Training

    Sports Specific Training

    Being in optimum physical condition is crucial for effective performance at every level of competitive sport. A specialist Personal Trainer in Maidstone will assist you with developing the conditioning and specific physical fitness required for your sport. A personal trainer will also assess the stage of the season you are in and taylor your training programme accordingly. All of the latest advice and assistance required for your diet, recovery and the routines that work best for you will be provided to help...

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  • Toning & Body Sculpting Package

    Toning & Body Sculpting Package

    Signing up for this package will enable you to experience total body toning and muscle definition. Whether you are looking to tone up your upper or lower body or want to experience muscle bulk and definition, this package will meet all your requirements. A Personal Trainer in Maidstone will take each of your individual muscle groups focusing on them intensively leaving you looking toned and healthy. Being toned and building muscle bulk both requires a good healthy diet with extra protein consumption which aids muscle growth and repair. A Personal...

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  • The Ultimate Bridal Training Package

    The Ultimate Bridal Training Package

    Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life and one that you will look back on and treasure forever. It is only natural that you would want to look and feel your best on your special day. With all the attention being on you and appearing in so many photos, you will want to be in the best shape of your life when it comes to your wedding day. With the help of a Personal Trainer the Bridle Package will help you get into the best shape of your life and give you the confidence to look and feel great...

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